Why working with us?

Best Value, Period.

Capitán’s flexibility and ease of operation eliminate the need for a dedicated IT support team, resulting in a drastic decrease in operational costs for your customers. The result is an affordable IT solution with a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), which makes Capitán the most cost-effective IT solution available in the market.

Innovation is just about everything.

Our innovative spirit drives all aspects of the solution: Functionality, UI, architecture and business model.

  • Capitán is fully web-based interface, responsive to any device (PDA/SmartPhone/Tablet).
  • Capitán and all of its modules are available in cloud-hosting (On-Demand).
  • We are the first IT solution to offer an full Project Management module, including Bill of Quantities modules!
  • Capitán supports full mobile access from any device, thanks to its web-based interface.
  • We invest in advanced architecture and API’s to help our partners work with us.

We believe that technology makes a difference, and are committed to continual investment in the development of the product and it’s infrastructure so that we keep our clear technological advantage.

Development Independency

We consider Capitán’s built-in development tools to be a major advantage compared to other solutions.
After a short period of training, you will be able to customize your own Capitán, at your will and develop your own add-ons.

Partners. Hand by Hand.

Our partners’ success is our top priority. This is why we invest in building close relationships with our business partners and providing them all the support they need with training, updates, marketing tools and commercial support.

Want to be our Partner?