Capitán Sync

Synchronize to Other Platforms

Key Features

Sync to other platforms from any type

Manage sync schedules – run the sync in specific date and time.

Manage sync settings – each sync with it’s own definitions

Take actions – execute custom actions when sync is running or finish.

Sync with Push – push the data to or from the database, no more need for short intervals.

Real-time notifications, via Email, SMS, and inside our platform


Using Capitán Sync, you can easily set your sync settings. you choose what, when or where to sync from.


Organize and schedule your syncs in the way you choose. including downtime and exceptions management


Analyze the data you send or receive. all the data is being smartly analyzed so you can produce reports and graphs that shows you real-time status.

Available Everywhere You Go

Mobile, PDA & Tablets
Full Integration

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