Capitán MES

Manufacturing Execution System

Key Features

Continuous Efficiency Improvement

Fully innovative web-based UI

Reduce Time to Market

Real-time data analysis

Compliance to latest manufacturing methodologies

Built-in interfaces to factory equipment & systems.

  • Work Orders Scheduling
  • Work Order Operations Tracking
  • Downtime Analysis
  • Production Quantities
  • Waste Management
  • Efficiency KPI’s (OEE, PEE, ME)
  • Labour in Process
  • Process Workflows
  • Full Quality Management
  • SPC – Statistical Process Control
  • Visual Process Monitoring
  • Documents Management
  • Customer Complaints
  • Supplier Complaints
  • Warehouse & Location Management
  • Inventory Receivings & Shipments
  • Label Printing
  • Full End-to-End Traceability
  • Warehouse Logistics Tools
  • Assets Management
  • Maintenance Procedures & Planning
  • Repairs Management
  • Production Tools Management
  • Energy Management

Modern Factory

As the drive to do “more with less” is growing, factory executives realise that their focus need to be on improving plant performance. Often, this can be achieved through investing in new plant and equipment, and information systems (IT).
Corporate software solutions (such as ERP) have proven essential in integrating the supply chain, but everyday plant operations remain detached.


Inaccessible data is the weak-point of any manufacturing operations, due to distribution across paper, spreadsheets, various computer applications, databases, measuring systems, and SCADA & HMI systems.

MES brings critical analysis data to your eyes, displayed in friendly visual graphic format that allows you to understand, and respond quickly

Reduce Costs

Reduce material costs – using real-time process control. Optimize quantities, prevent overdoses.

Energy save – monitor energy consumption spent by factory equipment, identify faults in-time.

Labour streamlining – let your employees focus on their unreplaceable work.

Regulatory Compliance

Using our integrated Quality Management System, Capitán MES supports manufacturing organisations striving to achieve highest consistent Quality and compliance, resulting fewer delivery delays, fewer order returns, full end-to-end traceability.


Standardisation is the main-key of benchmarking and improvement.

Capitán MES allows you to design agile-solutions that can be rolled out across multiple factories, keeping a standard degree of plant specificity.

Maximize Efficiency

Improve throughput and asset utilisation – by showing accurately when, where and for how long downtime occurs, Capitán MES will help you maximise production lines throughput and asset utilisation.
Improve change-overs – the MES alerts key personnel when a job is nearly completed allowing for change-overs to be organised more efficiently.
Reduce cycle-times – Capitán MES software tracks all 3 components of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), downtime, performance and quality, enabling operations to focus on cycle-time improvement activities based on real-time accurate information while keeping top quality products.

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